That’s how we roll here at IIM Kashipur. We work hard and party harder

The memories of the walk of fame these very amazing seniors gave us on my early days flashed back in my mind as we waited for them to arrive and give them a warm welcome last night. IIM Kashipur officially bid adieu to the 2017-19 batch and here I am, penning down these experiences, sitting in my dorm sipping coffee in this fine Sunday evening and think of the very same memories I had in this very place with these amazing seniors.

The Bliss Corbett 

It was 6th July if I remember correctly, After the toughest 15 days of our lives, we first year students were greeted with an experience we never had before. We were instructed by the team Insite with another one of those dangerous tasks, then surprising on our way back to hostels with a walk off from the entire senior batch. Felt like a proper IIM welcome that moment.

7 months down the line, here we are, after all the ups and downs, its the end of the road for them seniors, and some of them seniors went over the line helping me and all my batch mates at times, all those events, festivals, celebrations, parties, all those for one last time. And I am not gonna lie it made me think for a second about the same happening to me one year down the line. All of that flashed back in my eyes when I saw them walking down to the party for one last time. Danced our heart out in the winter frost of the Early February night in the gateway to the allure of the Corbett. After the frenetic week full of sleeplessness and study, It was one amazing evening to say the least. Almost forgot taking pictures but had just a few. Last night reminded me of the line one of the seniors said during our Induction, ” we here at IIM Kashipur work hard and Party Harder “. That’s exactly how we roll.


Is it worth dropping a year for CAT exam?

Not enough the first time? Try again or Move on?

Oh, those were some confusing days when i used to sit with my Reading comprehension books open and think about what am i going to do with my career after i am done with the most obvious graduation degree of the country, and yeah you guessed it right, Bachelors in Technology. It was 2017 and i was graduating from one of the central universities of North East India and was facing a similar situation and with no help from anyone in my reach, and having a bad CAT percentile the first time around had broken all my dreams of being in an IIM. I was just as clueless as many around the country are at that moment.

Today, after 2 years of that day I am pursuing my PGDM in Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur, with my summer internship coming in just a few days from now, I believe I qualify as one of the individuals whose experience might help you make the right choice. Talking about MBA in India, our country has seen gradual decrease in campus placed MBA grads ever since the economic liberalisation in 1991.  The AICTE affiliated MBA graduates of 2016-17 numbered above 2 lakhs and more than 52% of them being unplaced at campus, the scope of Management studies in the country seemed vague.

Being in my situation having scored just 72 percentiles at my first attempt, I was clueless weather to drop one year and go for IIMs or just settle for a tire B or Tire C college with moderate ROI and less scope for swift development.  I decided to keep my dream alive and shoot for the IIM tag and drop one whole life of my career. Easier said then done, there are several other factors that influences decisions as such, other than the business school we want to be in. Apart from the emotional turbulences that we go through in our societies and families, there are three other major factors I believe that might help you decide weather to drop one year or move on.

The first reason that I believe should be the ROI preferences and goals of the individual. If you are looking for moderate ROI, then many tire B and C colleges can give you good return, for examples technical colleges like NITs, some IITs etc charge less fees with comparably moderate to good placement records, and whose requirements for cat percentiles are not as much as those IIMs and MDI, FMS, IMIs etc

The second reason is weather you believe you can perform better or not, and yes, I know this sound like an obvious question but speaking form my experience, repeating the same things for a second time is something not very easy and concentrating on the same things again gets tougher so if you are sure about performing better, you should go for CAT again.

Thirdly, being a fresher myself, one year in a business school has taught me a lot of new concepts and learnings but sometimes I have felt that if I had some corporate experience, I would have related to all the hundreds of cases that we have analysed and solved over the year somewhat in a better way even by one percent and that is why, if you believe that you can get some corporate experience related to your area of interest, you should definitely go for it before you begin your MBA journey.

Lastly, as a fresher completing my first year in my dream school, I would like to say, irrespective of all the aspects that I have discussed that should decide your decision, the most important is you dedication towards achieving your dream. If you believe in yourself and work hard, take one year off and you will make up for it later in your future. For more information and reviews from aspirants and converters from around the country, click here. Good luck.